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VLC for Android (pre-alpha still)

i created this for the article I wrote in MARCH 2011!

This is an old OLD OLD topic by now (I blogged about it a while back when it was still a potential), but I have had enough people that I’ve talked to when they’ve seen the pylon on my screen ask how to get it.  So, here it is for all your glory people.

VLC has an alpha build for Android.  It was leaked out into the wild a LONG time ago, about September of 2011.  And what happened was they let out 2 versions, something called a ‘neon’ version, and a ‘non-neon’ version.

If you want to know which version to use, you can go through your file system and find a file in “./proc” called “CPUInfo”, open it and look for the word NEON somewhere in the text.  [I used Astro File Manager and just up‘d a lot then went into PROC, then long pressed on the file CPUInfo and chose to ‘open as’ and used ‘text’ — my Galaxy Nexus is a NEON build, whereas my Transformer is a non-neon]

i see 'neon', so go for the 'neon' build

If you see ‘neon’, then use the neon version.  If you don’t, use the ‘non-neon’ version.

I’ve put the VLC files in our file folder for y’all.

What’s the difference?  It’s a little beyond me, but there’s a great explanation here.

Have you given it a try?  I have, and I haven’t run into any issues as of yet.  I think the only file type was MOV not rendering video… but who uses MOV anyways?  Hah.

Happy downloading!

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  • Anonymous

    hmm. i have a galaxy nexus, which is neon but any video (mp4, avi) i try to play doesn’t render video. audio is fine tho

    • Anonymous

      weird… I’ve used a divx AVI and it’s worked

      • Anonymous

        it might have to do with me being on 4.0.2. it will give thumbnails of the videos, but it will not render the video

        • Anonymous

          i can’t recall trying it out when i was on 4.0.1, but right now i’m on 4.0.3

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