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Snake Rewind Hits The Play Store


Snake is Back!  Rumilus Design teamed up with the Taneli Armanto, the Nokia engineer behind the original iconic game, to reinvent the classic for the modern day smartphone.  Meet Snake Rewind.  The overall goal remains the same, eat stuff with your snake without crashing, but there are some new special fruit that give your snake some extra juice.

The graphics definitely pay homage to the original while still bringing a modern twist to it.  Controls on the other hand are a little tricky to get used to at first but after a couple of rounds I was pretty comfortable navigating the slithery creature around the board.  There is a freemium element to the game but thankfully it doesn’t seem like you’ll really need to invest much (if any) into the game unless you want to get really intense.

So if you want to get some old school gaming on, hit the link below.  I tried searching for it in the Play Store and came up with nothing so the link might be the easiest way to get it.

[Play Store]