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Samsung To Debut New Blackberry Hub-Like Feature On The Note 6

Note 5 S Pen

Blackberry 10 was ultimately a nonstarter but there was something that the OS did well.  Blackberry Hub was and is one of the best communication hubs I have used and according to a new report, Samsung may be readying something similar to launch alongside the Note 6.

The report comes from SamMobile, a site with a great track record when it comes to Samsung related rumours and leaks, so it’s definitely got some weight behind it.  According to them, Samsung is working on a new feature dubbed Samsung Focus that will work very similarly to Blackberry’s Hub.  The app/feature will bring all of the users e-mails, messages, calendars, and memos into one place for quick and easy access.  As the Note series is still geared towards those looking for the most productivity focused device, this could be a great new feature.

The report goes on to say that the UI is very “clean and modern” and “unlike any previous Samsung app.”  If the Samsung Focus UI really is that different, it could also suggest a new more “clean and modern” TouchWiz as I would think that Samsung would want a cohesive UI across the entire device.  Of course, that’s just my own speculation so don’t put too much weight in that.