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Relive Your Childhood With The Official Tamagotchi App

Tamagotchi App


If you were alive in the 90s at all, you know what a Tamagotchi is.  When these virtual pets first came about they became a global phenomenon.  They were by far one of the hardest toys to find in its day and I’m sure were responsible for a trampling here and there.

Since it’s early glory it has faded in and out of relevance, never really reclaiming its former shine.  But perhaps an Android app can help out a little bit.  Namco and Bandai  have just released an official Tamagotchi app for Android called “Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.”  The app is designed to completely mimic the original toy that many loved in their childhood and perhaps still have today.  Everything from the pixelated pets to the egg shaped device are brought into the digital realm.

The best part about this is is that the app is free.  That alone puts in ahead of a lot of other Tamagotchi like emulators that are already available on the Play Store.  So if you want to relive so of those childhood days, head over to the Play Store, download it, and bring your friend to life all over again.

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