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Rdio FINALLY Gets Micro-SD Support

As you all may or may not know, Rdio is my favourite music streaming app.  I’ve been using it for quite some time and did a review for it a while back and I still love it.  Of all the services that are available for us Canadians, I found it had the largest collection and one of the cleanest interfaces.

Despite all the positives, there has always been one major negative for this program and that’s the ability to store music for offline use onto the micro-SD card.  Now on some older device, like my beautiful little Nexus One (which was stolen! Still bummed about that), the files automatically stored to the SD Card because basically everything stored to the SD Card due to the lack of internal storage on those old devices.  On new devices though, everything was stored on the internal storage and there was no easy way to rectify this problem.

Well Rdio has finally listened to the community and has created a way to store your offline files to your Micro-SD card.  I’m thrilled about this as my Note II’s internal storage is pretty packed right now mainly because of all my offline music files.  So if you happen to be in the same boat, follow the steps below and open up some internal space!

To manually specify the path for offline (Synced) storage:

  • Go to settings > Sign Out (you will have to re-login and re-sync your music after doing this).
  • At the login screen there will be an SD card icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Custom” from options presented.
  • Enter the absolute path of the storage directory for your device (the path must start with / ). For example, the Samsung Galaxy SII has an SD card path of /mnt/sdcard/external_sd (you may need to do a Google search for the actual path on your device, the path may vary from device to device).