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MyShoebox (an alternative cloud storage app)

So, I’m on a roll for cloud apps today, so I might as well share this next one.

Welcome to ‘MyShoeBox

HEY, they’re Canadian!  Be patriotic folk!

Similar to Google+ Instant Upload, or Minus, this is a service to backup your photos from your phone.  I can’t tell you how important this is.  In fact it’s such an important feature I recommend people to sign up for G+ for just this reason.

Problem with G+ IU is that it uploads only a portion of the true resolution.  For example, my camera on my phone is an 8MP and shoots 3264×2448… whereas the IU version on G+ is 1536×2048.  Good enough for web viewing, posting on blogs, but if I want real ‘backup’ and print them later on… well this won’t cut it for that reason.

Enter MyShoeBox

MyShoebox from Fidelity Format on Vimeo.

Now, when you dive into it, it works like it should, the navigation is simple as well.  A great ‘cloud’ for your photos.  I love having that third back up (one on phone, one on computer, another in the cloud).

Sure, the free version only saves a ‘screen resolution’, but for $5/month you’ll get full resolution.  $60 a year for ‘peace of mind’.  Plus … here’s the awesome part — it’s UNLIMITED SPACE.  With other services you’d pay for (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc..) you’d eventually reach a maximum.

With phone cameras and DSLRs climbing higher and higher in resolution, the ceiling is a little easier to hit these days.  Remember when a 1GB drive was AWESOME and ALL THE SPACE YOU NEEDED?  Keep that in mind.

I’ve updated our database for the cloud options, so check it out and compare (see below).

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  • Ed

    Nice that folks have unlimited buckets of money for all this “stuff”. Seriously $60/yr. My overpriced “high speed” internet connection is also WAY TOO SLOW & FLAKY to bother with using the cloud. Then again I do live in small town Canada. But seriously, who can constantly afford to buy buy buy? & why why why? I seriously doubt that 99% of the folks out there have that many photos really worth keeping. If they are lost, big deal, life goes on. Most folks would do better by the delete key & losing all the crap that they keep & NEVER LOOK AT. I also doubt that anyone else wants to look at the crap photos of others for more than a nanosecond if at all.