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Have Your Android And Web OS Too…Kind Of

Despite my love for Android, one other OS has always had a place in my heart, Web OS.  I loved the cards ideas and its multi-tasking really was one of the best implementations to date.  Sadly, it never got much support from developers and then after the purchase by HP, the platform simply died.  However, since HP has released Web OS as an open source platform, many developers have been working to keep the OS from completely falling into extinction.

The latest attempt can be seen in the video below.  The developer shows off Web OS running on a Nexus S.  However, it’s not Web OS is not the native OS on the phone.  Rather it’s running as an app on top of Android.

While it’s incredibly buggy and completely unusable in its current state, there could be the potential for something here.  I’m not holding my breathe for this one at all but I love the concept and I hope my doubts will be met with something functional in the future.