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GrooveIP … why didn’t anyone tell me about this?

So I’ve tried to always put a little “wdtmfucau” spin on some of the articles I write.

[what does this mean for us Canadian Android users?]

As often there are some great features that we get left out of for Android… latest updates, Google services, etc…

One of my biggest requests of Google is to bring in Voice.  How awesome would that be?  I’ve been using voice as a ‘dialer’ in the GMail web app, but there’s been nothing for the phones.  They want you have to put in your phone number, which we can’t get in Canada… yet.  Here’s hoping.  (Just reading about how they’re trying to expand in the US more).

Well, if you haven’t figured out the trick to get GV working in Canada (it involves setting up an American number, blocking your IP, etc… etc… etc…) there’s a great little work around for your phone.  It’s called GrooveIP.

It’s a VoIP app that connects to your Google Voice account, even if you don’t have a phone number set up for it (like all Canadian GMail users).

Run it and you’ll have a notification saying it’s on.  The caller ID is some 760 number for me when I call out, but when you try to call it back, it doesn’t connect.  But at least you can make long distance calls OUT.  Which is what I would use it for mostly anyways.

Previously with my netbook, I always said, just text me or call, and I won’t answer, but then use GMail to dial them back when I have connection.

Now, there are 2 versions.  The LITE version acts as I’ve said.  The PAID version integrates itself with your native dialer.  Cool eh?

Go check it out, and let me know how your experience runs.  Mine’s been pretty good thus far.

Free Version | Paid ($4.97)

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  • I might be lazy but the effort involved in hacking GV to work in Canada isn’t worth the result  – especially since I use Wind Mobile so I have unlimited data. The only thing I really miss is visual voice mail.

    • Anonymous

      right, so that’s why I’m using GrooveIP, you don’t have to do all that… chances you are you already have voice by having Gmail… just not a number to attach it to.

    • Brian Gonsalves

      How are you using your unlimited data to get voice service throughout North America like GV does?

  • Terry Cameron

    All I want is calling out. I don’t understand why Google doesn’t just give us that feature at least.

  • I’m using Google Voice both ways in Canada using the “Alberta” glitch.
    Is that what your “trick” is about (US number, IP…etc…etc…etc)?

  • Tsinish

    I’ve been using google voice to dial out my android for about 6 months now. Don’t have the voice number, I just use it just for free long distance phone calls.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t get it to work

  • Tsinish

    you guys just need to install the voice app from the market, and whenever you dial a number dialer app will ask you wether you wanna use google voice or not for that call.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Talkatone. With GrooveIP, I get a lot of complains from the person at the other end about too much echo of what they just said. Talkatone produces much more consistent voice quality.

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