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Google Releases Chrome Beta For Android 4.0+


Google has released its beta channel for Chrome for Android, containing some of the browser’s most significant developer updates since its unveiling last June. Google is promising the same speed increases and other optimization features found in Chrome’s desktop versions, including notable improvements when tested by the Octane performance benchmark. Expect a 25-30% speed boost.

The beta channel adds the most bleeding-edge but possibly unstable features, giving users the ability to send feedback back to Google. Many of you may be familiar with the beta versions of Chrome for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Given the nature of the release, Google notes that users may encounter bugs and other hiccups, but promises to iron these out with frequent updates.

The beta channel release also contains HTML5 updates such as CSS filtering and an updated stack of developer tools.

Chrome beta can be installed alongside your stable release of Chrome. Although available through the Play store, the app is currently unlisted, so use this link.

Give it a shot and let me know if you notice any improvements in speed.