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Google Play Gift Cards Confirmed

A couple of days ago I reported that some Google Play gift cards could be on their way to the market.  Well these rumours are now confirmed.  While the cards have still not been publicly announced and released, they have been confirmed in a a couple of ways.

South of the border, one Android-er was able to snag a gift card at his local Target store.  He took a picture of his prize and reported that he was able to add the credit onto his Google Play account without any problems.

The other confirmation came via a flyer released by Radio Shack in the states.  In their flyer they are offering a free $25 card with the purchase of any Android device on a 2-year contract.  They also show on their computer system that the cards will come in $10, $25, and $50 offerings.

We’re still awaiting an official announcement and a launch date.  I’ll keep you posted


  • ryanmmoore

    will w eget them in canada or will they be usable?

  • Jen G

    Hopefully they will be available in Canada or that will be a huge disappointment. We don’t have google wallet, we don’t get updates…yet. At least let us have this right off the bat….