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Fullscreen Browsing With Chrome Beta


Sadly, I haven’t been able to get Chrome Beta to work on my HTC One X running Cyanogen 10, but for those of you that have been enjoying all the bleeding edge features, here’s something you might not have thought possible.

It would seem Google has hidden a feature to give users the ability to browse web pages in fullscreen mode, much like what you can do on a Macintosh. In addition to getting rid of the navigation buttons and omnibox, this fullscreen mode also overlaps the notification bar, adding a few more millimetres of screen real estate for your browsing pleasure. So, care to know how to enable this feature?

Of course, I’ll remind you that I’m talking about the Chrome Beta app, not the stable version searchable on the Play store. If you haven’t yet gotten around to downloading it, here is the link. Type “chrome://flags/” in the address bar and enable WebGL. Next, go to the Boids and Buildings Chrome Experiment page and click the “Launch Experiment” button and then, “Run.”

You should now be in fullscreen mode.

Since I can’t figure out how to run the app on my own device, let me know how it goes in the comments!


  • John Davis

    I enabled WebGL than I was looking on that page for the boids link 🙂 My bad, took a couple seconds to get my head screwed on straight and go to the actual web page. Smooth as butter! Wonder if that’ll be an option for the stable Chrome? Not that it matters at this point.

  • Anne Hogan

    Works just fine on my Galaxy SIII 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  • Worked on my Amaze. Was running smooth then went all laggy. Switching between cam views looked interesting.