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Chameleon Launcher Price Drop

I really do love all things tech and I appreciate all the different OS’s with their different UI’s and experiences.  I’ve tried IOS, I’ve tried Windows Phone 7/7.5 (not 8 yet), I’ve tried WebOS.  But the one thing that has me coming back to Android again and again and will likely keep me with the little green robot is the customization.  There’s really no limits in terms of how you can set up your phone/tablet.  There’s various different launchers (which I have tried the majority of) that all offer their own cool features and customizability.

One launcher that I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while is Chameleon launcher.  It’s a widget focused tablet UI that looked really promising.  However, I’ve restrained from picking it up due to it’s large $10 price tag.  Well I may have to give this launcher a go now as the price has dropped down to $4.  Reviews thus far have been relatively good, however many are wanting them to release even more widgets for more customization.

So if you’re like me and have been holding out on trying this launcher out now may be a good time.  There’s nothing noting if this is temporary or permanent drop.  So perhaps you shouldn’t wait too long if you’re interested in trying this out.  Check out the video below for a brief walkthrough.



[Google Play]