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Chameleon Launcher For Phones Shown Off

Chameleon Launcher is one of the most unique launchers currently available on Android.  However it’s price tag scared a lot of people away and it was only available for tablets.  Well, the price has come down a little bit and now we have our first glimpse of Chameleon launcher for phones.

In the video below you’ll see some of the new features for Chameleon Launcher and also Chameleon Launcher running on a Galaxy Note II and a Nexus 4.  The overall experience is very similar but obviously shrunk down to accomodate the smaller screens.  The big overall change was to the folder management features, something that many say was lacking up to this point.

What do you guys think?  Worth a try if the price is right?


  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    he moves his hands a lot in the video

    anyway I’ve thought about this launcher many times but I like Nova too much to switch (and I’ve tried them all – ADW, Go, W7P, Apex, Stock, etc.

  • greenlink23

    shown off? i have it running on my phone (galaxy nexus 4.2.1). all you need to do is sideload the apk file.