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Carbon: A New App Backup Solution

One of the worst things that can happen to your phone is losing all your information without any backup to restore from.  Now the nice thing with Android is that some of your key information, such as your contacts, can be set to automatically back up to your Gmail account.  Text messages and call logs can also be backed up pretty easily with the help of some apps.

However, app data is always lost if your phone is wiped.  Now there are some solutions already available to back up your data, all of which require you to root your phone and now thanks to Koushik Dutta, a well known developer who is part of the CyanogenMOD team, another is available. 

His app is currently called “Carbon” (a working name).  The app allows you to back up and sync your app data to your Google Drive account.  Root is required for this process, just as it is with any solution, but it appears that he’s created a nice and easy way to store it in the cloud for easy backup and restore.

The devloper plans to also add Dropbox and support which is great, especially for those who have that 50GB of free storage to use up.  He’s also looking to release a non-root version as well, which will use a computer as the go between.  I’m not sure that this will backup app data, but it will at the very least backup some of your core information.  It’s still in beta so there will be bugs but give it a try if you’re interested.

Hit the link if you’re rooted and want to try it out: Carbon for Android