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AutoMate Brings A Little Android Auto To Everyone!

Android Auto is a beautiful way to connect our phones to our cars but many of us don’t have the moola to go buy a new Android Auto equipped car or even the pricey aftermarket Android Auto equipped infotainment systems.  Well the BitSpice guys have stepped in to fill the void and have recently released AutoMate, an app that emulates the Android Auto experience.

The app has actually been available in beta for some time but it is now available to the masses through the Play Store.  I’ve been using it for about a month now and I’ve quite enjoyed the experience.  All of your important notifications come to you in card form and there are different pages for things like navigation and music/audio.  The app is also filled with other features to keep you safely connected to your phone while behind the wheel.

If you want to give this app a test drive, hit the link below!

[Play Store]