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Apple Music Has Landed On Android

Apple Music

See any flying pigs lately?  Well you may want to keep you eyes on the sky as the unthinkable has happened, Apple has launched an app on Android (and it’s not app not designed to move people to iOS!).  That’s right, Apple has officially launched Apple Music for Android.  Apple Music is Apple’s subscription music service, not unlike Google Music.  Apple is offering a free three month trial for anyone interested and plans begin $9.99 after the trial period ends.

Despite my… preference for Android and Google over iOS Apple (trying not to start a war here), I will likely give this a go.  Apple has been king in the digital music realm since… well forever so they have a mass collection of music.  There are still a few albums here and there that I can’t find with Google Music.

Any of you guys give Apple Music a whirl yet?  How you liking it?