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Amazon Offering A Collection Of Music Apps For Free

Amazon Sale Music Apps

Good news for all your musical folks out there.  If you head over to the Amazon App Store right now you can score yourself $55 worth of music apps for free!  These apps include:

  • WavePad Master’s Edition ($10.09 CAD)
  • Mini Piano ($1.03 CAD)
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($3.08 CAD)
  • Metronome: Tempo ($1.39 CAD)
  • edjing Premium DJ mix rec studio ($10.99 CAD)
  • jetAudio Music Player Plus ($4.11 CAD)
  • iReal Pro – Music Book & Play Along ($12.23 CAD)
  • TuneIn Radio Pro ($4.43 CAD)
  • Treble Cat – Learn to Read Music ($5.16 CAD)
  • Shazam Encore ($5.79 CAD)
  • Guitar Riff Pro ($3.10 CAD)
  • G-Stomper Studio ($8.97 CAD)

While I may not use all of these apps I plan on grabbing them.  Free is free after all!