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Otterbox Announces Armour Cases

When someone asks for a strong durable case that will protect the phone from all sorts of bumps and drops and everything else, the brand that often comes up is Otterbox.  And there’s good reason for that.  Otterbox has created a real name for themselves when looking for a high end case.  However, since the smartphone craze began, water damaged phones have become a more common problem and water proof cases are on the rise.  Till now Otterbox has not had something of that calibre in their line up.  Well that all changes today.

Otterbox has announced their new line of cases, the Armour series.  Currently, they will be manufacturing cases for the Galaxy S III, iPhone 4/4s, and iPhone 5.  I’m sure some other phones will join the party soon enough.  While it may look like another Defender case, these cases add one key feature, water proofing.  With this cases on your phone, your phone becomes a Waterproof, Dust proof, Drop proof, and Crush proof piece of technology.

Now the case does add some bulk to the phone, which is expected when creating a Drop proof and Crush proof case.  But despite being fully encased, everything on the phone is fully functional.  Check out the source link for some more details.