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OnePlus Offers Up Refund For USB Type-C Cables Bought For Other Phones

OnePlus USB Type C

As the world slowly moves towards a new USB standard with USB Type-C, we’ve quickly learned that not all cables are made the same.  Google made this very clear as they warned users about using any ol’ USB-Type C cable to charge their new Nexus’ as some cables could damage the phones.  One proactive Google-er, Benson Leung, has begun a mission to review all of the world’s USB-Type C cables to let us know which are safe for our shiny new Nexus’.

One particular cable that did not live up to Google’s and Benson’s standards came from OnePlus.  Here’s what Benson had to say about their:

It is not spec compliant (uses a 3A identifier resistor instead of the “Default USB Power” one), and may cause damage to your charger, hub, or PC USB port if you use it with #ChromebookPixel  or#nexus6p#Nexus5x .

Now it should be noted that the cable is perfectly safe to use with the OnePlus 2, but many were purchasing the affordable cable hoping to use it elsewhere and that’s where the problem lies.  In a show of good faith, OnePlus has stepped up and will be offering refunds to those who purchased their cables for other devices.  According to their post, the refunds will be available till December 31, 2015 so you’ll need to register quick (hit the link below for instructions).  They also noted that they are already working on a new USB Type-C cable that will be compliant so stay tuned for the release of that.

Well done OnePlus, well done.

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