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New Flip Covers For The Note II And S III

Samsung launches a series of new protective covers for the Galaxy S III and Note II

Every phone I’ve owned has either been skinned or encased or, the majority of the time, skinned and encased.  Yes, I’m a little bit protective with my phones.  I like to try and keep that pristine condition as long as possible.  However, when you add a case to the phone you also add bulk to the phone.  And as phone get larger pocketability becomes an important factor when choosing the phone and choosing the case.

One of my favourite cases to date is the Samsung flip cover.  It offered limited protection but kept the phone extremely thin at the same time.  Again, the protection was limited.  The case would replace the battery cover so while your original battery cover is safely tucked away in your box, the back of your case was exposed to the possibility of scratches.

Judging from the picture above, it looks like Samsung may have changed up the design a bit to protect the back as well.  It looks to me like they’re using the same material from the front of the cover on the back of the cover.  Now that doesn’t make it perfect, but the chances of that material getting scratched is much slimmer than the plastic getting scratched.  This is just a hunch based on what I see so we’ll have to wait till they actually launch before we know for sure.  Now all you have to worry about are those edges…

There’s also a variety of new colours to choose from: Titanium Gray, Marble White, Light Blue, Pink, Mint, Lime Green, and Orange


  • Jes

    Hopefully there’s a hole on the front for the notification light this time.

    • Sadly There’s not, there is only a hole for the speaker. I have a couple of these laying around my house, It’s a shame they cover the notification light.

      If you’re crafty, you can easily fix this with a hole punch or something ^_~

  • Guest

    Sadly there is not. Only a hole for the speaker