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Google’s Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Hits The Play Store


Well, this is interesting. Just as I was writing an article about Samsung’s Qi wireless charger getting filed today over at the FCC, Google decided to add the Nexus 4 orb charger to the Play store.

In the past ten minutes, I’ve visited the store numerous times, and every other time I visit the page, it gives me a 404 error. When I am able to view the page, I either get the charger page showing that the device is available, or that it is not for sale at this time. One can only assume that this means Google is experiencing some problems on the back end, so if you really have your heart set on getting this thing, just keep trying the page over and over.

The wireless charger is being offered for $59.99, which is kind of steep when you consider it’s just a charger, and also when you consider that $60 is almost 20% of the price of the phone. In any case, wireless charging is cool, and I’m going to get one due to my growing frustration with having too many cables scattered around my home.

Check out the source link to pick one up for yourself.  Just remember to try more than once if it doesn’t work for you.



Well, ever since writing the article, the link appears to be working now, but it shows “not available at this time,” leading me to believe they pulled the charger’s availability for anywhere other than the USA.

Could readers let me know if it works for you in the comments?

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    This device is not for sale at this time.

  • this device is now exclusive on the states, so it’s not in Spain (where i live)
    But Google now is not really availale on Spain with all it funtionalities… so it’s normal.

  • mooteel

    In Canada, it now says: “Not available in your country”. This is getting better and better! Good job Google… :(

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      god i hate google