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Galaxy S6 Edge+ Keyboard Case On The Way

S6 Edge+ Keyboard Case


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has not yet been released but we may have just gotten a look at a very intriguing accessory for the upcoming phablet.  The above picture was posted by @evleaks and showcases a unique keyboard case that seemingly slides on to the bottom of the S6 Edge+.

If this is indeed real, it would appear that the case is actually communicating with the device to some degree as all of the icons on the device have been shifted up to accomodate for the accessory.  While it may not look the most stylish, I’m sure there are several people out there who would love to grab an accessory like this to regain the feel of physical keys.

Again, I’m not sure if this is an actual product that is on its way to market but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.