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Android Gift Giveaway – Last Day – Gift From Futureshop

Contest Closed. Winner is Ash.

Welcome to the final day of our 10 day giveaway. Monday to Friday I will be throwing a FREE gift around daily, prices ranging from $15 to $100 each. I will pick a winner from each day and mail out all packages to the winners at the end of the week.

How do I win?: It’s simple. Just tell me you want the gift, followed by an optional reason why you feel you need it most. Either myself or my wife will pick a winner at random, or based on your reasoning why you want it.

To be eligible to win, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • Be a resident of Canada
  • Enter your request for the prize only once, as additional attempts may forfeit your chances.
  • Be sure to include your E-mail so I may contact the chosen winner. (not required to be within your comment)
  • The chosen winner will have 48 hours to respond when I email them for request of mailing address. Failure to respond in time will result in a new winner being selected.


What’s up for grabs today?

One of two GiftCards from Futureshop.

Giving away the 2nd and last $30 giftcard from futureshop. We want to help you buy that perfect case or accessory.

This marks the final day in Android in Canada’s 10 day giveaway. I sure hope you won something during the last two weeks. If you didn’t keep checking back. Android in Canada will periodically give out more prizes throughout the year.

Retired from AiC, You can now find me at

  • Anonymous

    I really would like this gift so i would be able to buy a new headset for my galaxy =) 

  • Dale

    Hi There – Great issues lately – Thank you!
    Would love this for my Galaxy as I want to buy the HDMI cable dongle that will show my pictures on my HD TV. Have some great shots! Also allows me to do powerpoint on the TV (I Hope).
    thanks again

  • Tyler Durden

    I feel like this gift could really help me as my cat chewed through the
    USB charger wire for my HTC Desire HD, and I currently have no money to
    buy a replacement.

  • Iliana

    I have been planning on getting something little for my husband for a
    little while, he’s a huge techie and loves gadgets big and small. This
    would make it easy to find a great gift 😀

  • Tweety Bird

    I have the same reason as Iliana, except the gift will be for my boyfriend for our 6 year anniversary.

  • Jay

    Lol, Tyler Durden. Nice name, too bad about your charger though. Funny
    thing is that the same thing happened to me a few months ago. So I went
    and bough a new cable, and it happened AGAIN. So now I need another one.
    I will never fall asleep with my phone plugged in again.

  • Steven Zinck

    My Samsung needs a new outfit, please help him out! Thanks!

  • Douglass Dumas

    My earbuds are broken, and I have a medical problem that prevents me from wearing the inner-ear type.  Guess what kind is the only kind you can buy where I live? 

    I’ll have to make a 4-hour drive to buy new earbuds in a few weeks.   This sure would soften the blow.

    PS, Can anyone recommend a pair with a mic and controls for the Galaxy S?

    • ArcangelMD

      4 hours! You can’t order in the mail? The FutureShop is 10 minutes away from me and I still use the mail 🙂

  • David T

    My brand new Galaxy S II LTE needs some new bling to show off how awesome it is!! Help! 🙂

  • Jack T

    I’m buying a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus from future shop and it needs a case. Help me protect my new baby with a future shop gift card. Thank you!

  • Septhj

    Can totally use a nice case for my new toy.

  • Adam Wright

    Free money? Sure 🙂

  • Jonathan Pankratz

    Yes please

  • Paul

    this’ll make a Nexus 70 bucks on a 3 year, yes!

  • Jeffpoze

    this will be good for a nice gnexus case 😉 

  • Colin Meeks

    Nice starting discount on a new tablet

  • Hook a brotha up!

  • Areta W

    I’ve entered everyday so the 10th time is the charm?

  • Maz

    I am trying my luck again after I won last week but had trouble with email and didn’t get notified so I lost my chance and another person was chosen

  • Gee’

    Again, it will help me get my Galaxy Nexus… please, please, please 🙂

  • Simon Lam

    another one! id like one 😛

  • Andrew

    I’ll give this one a shot again…


  • RiverCitySlim

    Last day so I’m trying my luck again. I still need a new bluetooth.

  • Simon

    I’ll give this a shot again; I’m looking to pick up an additional charger for my x10, and a screen protector could be useful too 🙂

  • Terry Cameron

    I’d like to pickup a new mouse for my computer. My kid sat on my current one and the scroll button no longer works. It’s annoying not being able to knife people in games or open new tabs in a browser using it.

  • another shot for me too …. but I think I’ve changed my mind and I’ll use the GC toward buying myself a tablet …. maybe the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or ASUS Transformer

  • Anna Given

     thanks – of course if I win I’ll have to hide it from the kids or they’ll spend it

  • Andy K

    I want the prize so I can buy a pony for my phone.

    Thank you.

  • Agnes Tan

    That would be great for getting a new set of headphones for my phone.

  • Vince McLaren

    TOM GRAY: Say it baby
    VINCE MCLAREN: um….uh… show you the money
    TOM GRAY: No. No. Not YOU… ME. Show ME the money.
    VINCE MCLAREN: show me the money
    TOM GRAY: SAY IT like you mean it!
    VINCE MCLAREN: ok… SHOW me the money… Show ME the money!
    TOM GRAY: Louder!
    VINCE MCLAREN:  SHOW ME the money!
    TOM GRAY: Come on baby… I got Agnes Tan on the line right now.
    VINCE MCLAREN: alright just WAIT a second
    TOM GRAY: Say you love ANDROIDinCANADA!
    TOM GRAY: ….

  • Dsx_17

    My gs2 was stolen just before Christmas and I still haven’t had a chance to replace my otterbox, and couldnt afford to after spending $600 replacing the phone.

  • Barbara

    I would love to win this. My harddrive got burned/corrupted and I lost everything I had on it (6+ yrs worth). I need to buy a new hard drive, but being a student I literally have no money. This would be such a big help to help offset some of the cost!!!
    Thank you

  • Hartley (Buck) Macklin

    I really don’t need the gift card, and if you do decide to give it to someone who gives you a good reason, then that would be ok with me.

    I just like your website.  I come here everyday, and see you on facebook and Google+.

    I am a resident of Canada, and I am entering only this once.

  • milesclarence

    It’ll help towards my purchase of the transformer prime. Plus, I got this yesterday – hopefully you’re a fan of the show.

  • Lloyd

    Just got an android phone, and just found your site.  Would love a gift card to get some accessories.

  • patribun

    Hi Tom, 

    I would greatly appreciate this futureshop prize, as I am wanting to purchase the Galaxy Nexus from Rogers and futureshop (upgrading from Xperia X10) and this would be a big help! Thanks in advance!

  • John Davis

    The perfect timing for a chance to purchase a screen protector with a gift card 🙂 (followed your link from your G+ page)

  • Freedomseeker01

    Try my luck again

  • AndrewP

    would love to get a dock and case for my Samsung galaxy s2.

  • Bucks14

    I’d like this gift!

  • would like to buy the Galaxy Nexus at FutureShop

  • Gerrald56

    Same comment as yesterday

  • Tim

    I’d love this!

  • Dinesh Abraham

    spent all ma money buying my nexus would love to have to to get myself a blutooth headset !!!

  • Anonymous

    To buy a memory card

  • Aaron Charlong

    Do want 😀

  • Mohamad El-Kara

    Will to buy a case for my Nexus S 🙂

  • Greatest-

    I want to Win to buy a case for my nexus s i really need some because it fall often.

  • Ash

    I wanted tat case for galaxy s2 LTE and I didn’t win 🙁 I would really love to have a case for my glaaxy s2!!!!

    • I may not have picked you the first time, but the second time is a charm 😉  I would love to send this card to help you buy that case.

      An email has been sent to you requesting mailing address.

      Have a great weekend.

  • Jule

    Hope you pick me!  Could definitely use a nice case for my galaxy nexus!

  • Karen

    wow would love to win this! saving up for a new camera!

  • bret milligan

    i would like this since i need a case for my galaxynexus.