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Nexus 7 Dock Available On eBay Right Now For $40-$100


We’ve been providing details about Google’s Nexus accessories as soon as we’ve come across any news. As such, I wanted to pass on details to those who can’t wait for Google to get their act together on the Play store.

It’s been a slow news day in the Android world, so I did a quick search for pricing and availability of the Asus’ official Nexus 7 dock. Well, when doing a quick search over at, I came across four or five sellers with the dock for sale between $40 and $50. Of course, there are also those who somehow got a hold of the docks over in Japan (where they seem to be freely available in stores) and are looking to make a big profit by selling them anywhere between $60 – $100.

In any case, if you’re a Nexus 7 user, the official pricing of the Nexus 7 dock is $39.99 when it ever comes available on the Play store. As such, paying $45 on eBay plus shipping isn’t such a bad deal if you’re looking to get this thing right away.

Hit up the source link below to take you to the search results. Let me know if you end up picking one up.


  • frankie

    What about charging docks for older smartphones: Goolgle Nexus S for instance? Hate buying a power cord every 6 months!